Todd Loewen, your UCP candidate for Central Peace-Notley

Todd was elected as an MLA in 2015 and has been a strong supporter of Alberta’s energy sector by fighting for the approval of all pipelines and the elimination of all out of touch environmental regulation such as the multi-billion dollar carbon tax. Todd was born and raised in rural Alberta and his family has always lived in the Valleyview area. As a farmer, he has always been a strong opponent of any government-imposed regulations that threaten family farm operators. As a small business owner, he knows how essential low taxes and less red tape are to creating the free enterprise environment that individuals and businesses need to succeed. And as a father, he knows that the NDP is failing families with their out of control deficit spending that burdens Alberta’s children and grandchildren with more debt. If re-elected, Todd will be a strong voice for Central Peace-Notley as part of Jason Kenney’s UCP team by working to restore the Alberta Advantage and fight for the common sense issues that matter most to families and the people of Northwest Alberta.

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